Water from the well might often contain substantial amounts of various containments. Apart from high water hardness, there might also be elevated concentration os iron, manganese or nitrates. In some cases the water color might be additional problem. How to get rid of these contaminants?

Water harness, elevated concentration of manganese, iron and nitrates or unsatisfactory water cooler are problems that can be solved by multifunctional compact water filter Ecoperla Multicab. A perfect mixture of wisely selected filter beds in suitable amounts will optimally purify water.


Ecoperla Multicab is a multifunctional water filter manufactured in Europe from the best quality components. The control valve is made by a well-know American manufacturer. It is devoted for purifying well water in households. It removes contaminants most frequently present in water. The device has been equipped in Ecoperla Perfect System that enables to lower the exploitation costs.

ecoperla multicab
ecoperla perfect system
  • Improved version of American control valve Clack CI has illuminated display and additional diagnostic functions
  • The mixture of filter beds removes form water 5 different contaminants – water hardness, iron, manganese, nitrates and organic compounds
  • 30 liters of filter bed provides optimal conditions for device functioning and reduces the high level of contaminants in well water
  • It uses Ecoperla Perfect System

Ecoperla Perfect System is specially designed collection of control valve settings. Adjusted modes and values guarantee the safe and efficient functioning and regeneration of water filter Ecoperla Multicab. Furthermore, the system provides best quality water at the lowest costs of exploitation in comparison to other offered at the market systems.

The cabinet has been made of solid lasting plastic resistant to mechanical damages. The right choice of dimensions allows to place the system even in small spaces. Its functionality is its great value. The brine tank was designed to be in the front which speeds up the process of refilling the salt. The cover of the tank can be easily moved while adding the salt as a result it does not have to be removed and replaced. The intuitive illuminative display is directly connected to the control valve. The display is protected by a special cover which prevents the dirt from getting to the display and protects it form mechanical damage.
ecoperla multicab structure
ecoperla multicab components

Multifunctional water filter Ecoperla Multicab has an original American control valve by CLACK. The controller has a mode of power conservation and function of screening the name and phone number of installer.

The control valve smartly count then frequency of regenerations. It diagnose and store the history of device functioning. The alarm prevents from mechanical damages. The control valve stops its work when on the display appears information about the threat.

The brine solution is prepared from softened water which allows to economize the salt used for regeneration.

The filter bed was designed by specialists of the Ecoperla brand. It is best assorted blend that organizes into layers during the filtration process. Each layer removes different type of water contaminants.

The filter bed surface is large enough for the water to stay in contact with the filtration blend for a long period of time.


Product presentation

System’s description in a nutshell in other words everything that You need to know before purchasing the water filter Ecoperla Multicab.

Data sheet

Practical information and technical data about compact water filter Ecoperla Multicab.

User’s manual

User’s manual for water filter Ecoperla Multicab including all the information about the installation.