Want to use the highest quality water, rich in magnesium? Are you looking for a filter that will give the water the best properties? Thanks to which will be the best assimilable and best for health? Do you need a filter that will raise the pH of the water and  enriching it with minerals?


Ecoperla Elixir rewitalizing cartridge gives the filtered liquid the alkaline water properties and raises the pH even to 9.5. In addition, it enriches it with magnesium important for the human body. This is a novelty on the Polish water treatment market.


Ecoperla Elixir is a modern revitalizing water filter which is a part of reverse osmosis Ecoperla Rosa. It fits all standard kitchen systems available on the Polish market. It is a perfect alternative to standard water mineralizers. It enriches water in even 10 times more magnesium. Moreover, after filtration water pH reaches even 9,5, therefore, it has the healthful features of alkaline water. Ecoperla Elixir can be used instead of water ionizers.

ecoperla elixir
ecoperla rosa advantages


  • Supplements water in big amounts of magnesium and hydrogen molecules ( magnesium ions and hydroxyl ions)
  • Water rich in hydrogen has alkaline pH. Its pH raises even to 9,5. Hydrogen has antioxidant features. It protects healthy cells from the attack of free radicals, as well as slows down the aging process and cells death.
  • Can be used as the last stage of reverse osmosis filtration, nano filtration and ultrafiltration, or directly for tap water. The upgraded system works like water ionizer.
  • Enriches water in big amounts of magnesium that no other water domestic filter available on Polish market was able to provide before.
  • In comparison to standard mineralizers the dosage of magnesium is up to 10 times bigger.
  • Has SGS certificate and meets all FDA standards.


When water flows through revitalizing cartridge Ecoperla Elixir the chemical reaction takes place. Magnesium molecules bind to water creating hydrogen molecules.

Due to hydrogen molecules produced in the process it is possible to obtain high pH water.

Ecoperla Elixir makes water alkaline on the best possible level that can be absorbed by human body. Water of obtained is absorbed and used in many processes.

The huge advantage is the much better and faster body hydration and thus a better mood and vitality.

functioning of ecoperla elixir
ecoperla elixir features


  • Protection against free radicals
  • „Youth elixir” slowing the aging process
  • Better mood
  • Faster body recovery
  • More vitality
  • Helps to regulate heart beat
  • Prevents excessive stress
  • Helps to regulate muscular system
  • Strenghtens bones and teeth
  • Helps to maintain adequate cholesterol level
  • Prevents the occurrence of heart diseases
  • Prevents overpressure
  • Prevents the occurrence of muscular diseases


Product presentation

Description of the product in the nutshell. Everything that you would like to know before the purchase of Ecoperla Elixir.

Catalogue page

Practical information and technical data about revitalizing cartridge Ecoperla Elixir.

User’s manual

Installation of revitalizing cartridge Ecoperla Elixir contains the vital information about the setup.