The Ecoperla brand has native roots. This initiative has been supported by the Polish company, Klarsan, operating on the water treatment market for many years. The company has been constantly developing, but the values has not changed


Creating efficient and robust water treatment systems requires experience. Therefore Klarsan relies on its qualified staff.


During everyday work, the most important thing is to take an individual approach to each case and devote to it. Anything to meet expectations.


All the time, Klarsan looks for new solutions. It constantly introduces modern technologies and products based on high quality components.


Cooperation is the key to success at every level. It concerns creation of new projects, internal activities, contact with distributors and customers.



Klarsan, with its registered office in Łódź, is a Polish company with many years of experience. It was established in 2007 as an excellent response to the ever-growing needs for improvement of water quality, both in case of individual customers and various sectors of activity, including industry. Despite only several years of operation on the market, the history goes back much earlier. The owner/founder and his family have been involved in the water treatment industry for much longer. Passion has become a way of life, and Klarsan itself – a family business with traditions.

Currently, Klarsan treats water for industrial, recreational, medical and social purposes. Water treatment services are comprehensive and include: preliminary interview, physicochemical and microbiological analysis of water and load tests, consultations, design of water treatment plant, installation and maintenance service. In addition, at the request of the customer we provide training of employees in operation of water treatment plants.

Klarsan has its own laboratory performing water analyses. Professional equipment and qualified staff guarantees obtaining precise measurements. In addition to testing water composition, we also perform load tests in order to match treatment technology to the water from the specific intake.

We select equipment based on accurate calculations and detailed designs, which include, among others: location of water treatment plants and pipelines, tanks, automation, safety systems, control and measurement equipment.

Many years of experience, knowledge of market specifics, qualified employees, constant search for new solutions and introduction of the most efficient ones, as well as systematic expansion of the product offer – this is why so many companies and individual customers trust us. Klarsan cooperates with water treatment industry leaders from around the world, including American Clack and Italian Atlas Filtri.

Klarsan offers its services all over the country, and its registered office and warehouses located in the centre of Poland enable quick and efficient reply.


In the initial phase of its activity, Klarsan offered ready-made solutions designed to improve water quality in the households. Over the time, thanks to the staff and financial capabilities we could take up new challenges and expand our operations with an offer dedicated, among others, to the industry, medical sector, HoReCa, agriculture.

Klarsan quickly began to cooperate with the pioneers of the global water treatment market to offer the highest quality products. Each solution in the offer was preceded by numerous tests and research aimed at selecting reliable and effective methods – definitely the best ones.

Our operation is constantly expanded not only with new types of components and equipment. An important branch that Klarsan deals with is water conditioning. The offer of water treatment plants has been complemented by chemicals necessary in many industrial applications, such as: anti-scalants, biocides, corrosion inhibitors and other preparations to maintain the proper condition of installations through which water flows.

Due to growing staff, warehouse and financial resources, as well as an increasing number of satisfied customers, many companies are willing to cooperate with us.


Constantly gained experience and increasing number of implemented projects quickly verified various customers’ needs. Industrial customers have completely different requirements than individual ones. In both cases, we need a different approach and tailored measures.

The industry requires water treatment plants that are perfectly adapted to individual needs and water quality. Each order is tailor made with appropriately selected treatment methods and efficiency.

Engineers noticed that among the users of home water treatment plants, there were certain patterns, recurring problems and methods of applying similar solutions. It gave us an opportunity to systematise the offer.

There idea emerged to separate the two branches of activity. This is how the Klarsan brand was created, including solutions for industrial applications, such as: industrial reverse osmosis systems, water chemical correction, water demineralisation systems, industrial water softeners, industrial iron removal systems, industrial germicidal lamps, etc. The household water treatment solutions are covered by the well-known Ecoperla brand. The separation and accurate selection enable a precise, convenient and simple process of selecting water treatment plants for companies and individual users.


Previously, the Polish market of water treatment offered various solutions related to improvement of water parameters in the households drawing water from the water supply network, as well as own intake. Popularity is constantly growing, just like awareness of problems with water quality and the desire to ensure maximum comfort in water use.

The engineers noticed reluctance to the water treatment plants, resulting from a misunderstanding of the process. Klarsan decided to change it and provide products that are efficient, convenient to use, economical and modern. This is the idea behind the Ecoperla brand.

Ecoperla household water treatment products respond to the most common needs and problems faced by water users. The offer includes carefully selected sizes of devices, performance, durable components. The Ecoperla brand is the perfect complement to the existing gap in the water treatment industry, and the offered solutions are exclusive, well-made and available at affordable prices. However, Ecoperla is not only devices, but also knowledge about them, transmitted in an attractive way in a video available on the official Ecoperla brand channel on YouTube.