Hard water steals time, money and causes breakdowns. When you use it, your heating bills increase by 20% on average and detergent use may be even 60% higher. Do you want to save money, stop worrying about your boiler or small appliances and finally start cleaning less?


It’s time to start using soft water in the entire household! It is possible with one of the Ecoperla Softcab cabinet water softeners! These devices are a sound solution that will not let you down in the fight against hard water. The secret lies in the high quality components.



Ecoperla Softcab is a line of cabinet water softeners available in three sizes. You can choose a model with: 12, 25 and 35 litres of high-quality ion exchange resin. This line combines durability with efficiency. The devices are robust and additionally they come with a 10-year warranty. Developed in close cooperation with Clack, a company known for its precise and durable solutions.

Ecoperla Softcab
ecoperla perfect system


  • Monosphere ion exchange resin
  • Reliable Clack control valve
  • Programming in Polish
  • Economical and efficient UpFlow regeneration
  • Built-in Ecoperla Perfect System settings
  • Damage resistant housing
  • Integrated mixer in the control valve
  • Equipped with safety systems

The Ecoperla Perfect System is a proprietary system developed by Ecoperla experts and dedicated to cabinet central water treatment units. The settings significantly reduce operating costs, ensure correctness of the regeneration process, preserve the operating life of the medium, decrease the likelihood of failure. Thanks to the Ecoperla Perfect System, the amount of water and salt consumed during regeneration is minimised, while the entire process still has correct efficiency.



The most characteristic feature of the Ecoperla Softcab water softener line is its housing. It was developed in cooperation with the American Clack and is distinguished by high durability, solid design and resistance to mechanical damage. The material is of really high quality.

Ecoperla Softcab is also designed to be as functional and convenient in operation as possible. The salt container is located at the front. It is closed with a sliding flap and the opening is large enough to make the process quick and trouble-free. Inside there is an overflow valve and a float to protect against overflow.

The control panel has a backlit display. The interface is very easy to use and the menu is available in Polish. The panel is directly integrated with the control valve. The whole device is protected by a cover so no dirt can get inside and no damage can occur.

Ecoperla Softcab design
Ecoperla Softcab installation


The Ecoperla Softcab water softeners are very easy to install. All necessary accessories are included in the box. Thanks to housing dimensions, the device can be installed in recesses and built-in kitchens. The integrated mixer in the control valve enables the selection of a desired water hardness degree.

Design and functionality are not the only advantages. Inside, there is a high-quality monosphere ion-exchange resin. This medium is characterised by long operating life and efficiency. The regeneration process takes place with countercurrent flow. Operation is controlled by the Clack control valve. This model has been developed especially for our housing. Robust components and design ensure trouble-free operation and simple service.


Product presentation

Device’s description in a nutshell. Everything You would like to know before purchasing Ecoperla Softcab softener.

Data sheet

Practical information and technical data about compact water softener Ecoperla Softcab.

User’s manual

The softener’s manual containing most important information about the installation.