Do you want to drink tasty, fresh and clean tap water every day? Are you looking for an ecological and convenient alternative to water in plastic bottles? Do you use tap water and are looking for a way to improve its taste, smell or color while maintaining its natural minerals?


Ecoperla Twister is an ultrafiltration system designed for installation under the sink. It filters water at 4 stages, eliminating impurities responsible for the deterioration of taste and smell, microplastics, pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine and derivatives. The water is tasty, clean, fresh and full of minerals.



The Ecoperla Twister filter is an excellent option for people who are looking for a small system to improve the quality of water for direct consumption. The system is responsible for improving the taste and smell of water by eliminating the smallest contaminants, including: chlorine and its derivatives, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides and microplastics. The Ecoperla Twister filter purifies water in 4 stages, with the final carbon insert with nanosilver technology protecting the water against the development of microorganisms. Filter cartridges need to be replaced only once a year, and thanks to their bayonet design, it only takes a few moments. This is a very convenient, economical and ecological proposition for both single-family houses and apartments with little space for installation.

Ecoperla Twister front view
ecoperla certificate


  • High efficiency with small filter dimensions
  • Leaves natural minerals in the water
  • Does not generate waste into the sewage system
  • The nanosilver insert creates a barrier against the development of microorganisms
  • Comfortable water intake from the faucet thanks to the pressure reducer
  • It uses a system that protects against kitchen flooding
  • Easy installation and quick replacement of inserts
  • The filter comes with all the necessary accessories for self-assembly


Frame – Ecoperla Twister filter is equipped with an installation frame made of damage-resistant material.

Filter cartridges – the system includes four high-performance filter cartridges that precisely filter water and require replacement only once a year.

Faucet – the set with the filter includes a faucet with a simple design. Easy to install and comfortable to use.

No tank – Ecoperla Twister uses flow-through filter cartridges. The filter does not require water storage or connection to the sewage system, which makes it even more ecological.

Easy service and operation – the filter is very convenient to use, and replacing the cartridges takes just a few moments. It should be carried out only once every 12 months or after filtering 10,000 liters of water.

Ecoperla Twister structure
Ecoperla Twister components


Ecoperla Twister is an ultrafiltration system that uses four stages of filtration to cleanse water of the smallest impurities and guarantee tasty, clean and safe drinking water. The filter contains the following four cartridges:

  1. Preliminary cartridge – a mechanical cartridge with a filtration accuracy of up to 5 microns removes larger impurities, turbidity and particles suspended in the water. It protects subsequent cartridges against such contaminants.
  2. Carbon block – a cartridge made of coconut shells removes chemical pollutants, including chlorine and its derivatives, improves the taste, smell and color of water.
  3. Ultrafiltration membrane – at this stage, impurities up to 0.1 microns in size are removed, including: heavy metals, microplastics, cysts, bacteria.
  4. Carbon insert – a insert that polishes organoleptic parameters, enriched with nanosilver. Creates a barrier against the development of microorganisms.


Product presentation

Device’s description in a nutshell. Everything You would like to know before purchasing Ecoperla Twister.

Data sheet

Practical information and technical data about ultrafiltration system Ecoperla Twister.

User’s manual

The ultrafiltration system’s manual containing most important information about the installation.