We offer best quality water purifying systems devoted for households. A wide variety of products will enable you to find suitable solution for your water problems.


Efficient systems for water filtration for drinking water. In our offer there are reverse osmosis – innovative Ecoperla Rosa and nano filtration system Ecoperla Nano.


Two-piece systems Tower, Slimline series, softener Toro or multifunctional water purifier Multicab are the guaranty of well purified water in your home.


Water filtration cartridges made of finest materials. Get to know the unusual advantages of revitalizing water cartridge Ecopelra Elixir and many others.


All necessary accessories watched to the series of Ecoperla systems. We guaranty easy access to all our accessories in reasonable price.


Ecoperla as a brand is an answer to Clients’ needs. Through the constant contact with water filtration systems we were able to estimate what facilities our Clients need and which of them are hard to reach on the Polish market.

We have decided to create a brand that will provide the users with solutions that they are looking for. We wanted them to be available for everybody who needs best quality water. Hence the combination of finest quality and attractive price.


Our experts due to many years of experience in the field of water filtration created a special set of settings for water purifiers. Ecoperla Smart System and Ecoperla Perfect System which are in Ecoperla water systems provide lower operational costs, proper system’s functioning for a long time, and water characterized by best parameters. The settings of our systems matched to the quality of user’s water.

In order to provide the finest quality, efficiency, functionality and users’ comfort the products were manufactured in cooperation with biggest work leaders in the field of water filtration such as: Erie Water Treatment. Ecoperla is the beauty of pure water in each drop.


Under the coat of Ecoperla brant there are: water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, multifunctional systems, a series of two-parts solutions for removing various pollutions

Water purifiers by Ecoperla are not only fantastic modern design, but also finest quality components specially selected for the systems.

In the process of designing all parts were carefully tested and selected in order to guaranty failure-free and long operation of the systems. All our products were manufactured in Europe.


Ecoperla doesn’t require to be installed or maintained by the specialist. You can install or maintain the system on your own or with the help of any chosen expert.

With our products you will get the detailed user manual. All materials are available in Polish language. The installation is described step by step.

Product labels


European brand Ecoperla – Ecoperla is a Polish project initiated by a company with traditions and vast experience. By choosing our products you support a local initiative and put the highest quality certainty.

Think Green with Ecoperla – it is an initiative presenting solutions in water treatment that can contribute to environmental protection and support the fight against excessive amounts of waste. Products labeled “Think Green with Ecoperla” help to implement environmentally friendly behavior.



ECOPERLA PERFECT SYSTEM is dedicated to compact water treatment devices. These are control head settings that support sustainable operation. Thanks to them the smallest possible amounts of salt and water are collected for regeneration. In addition Ecoperla Perfect System prevents shortening the life of the filter bed. It also supports correct and equally effective operation over the years of use.

ECOPERLA SMART SYSTEM can be found in the high performance Ecoperla Tower devices. These are the settings of the control head selected individually in each case to the needs and parameters of water from a given intake to ensure the best effects associated with the device. Ecoperla Smart System ensures sustainable operation, the lowest possible operating costs, reduces the probability of failure and has a beneficial effect on the life of the filter bed.

ECOPERLA SECURITY SYSTEM is intended for kitchen filters. Its main task is to protect the device and cut off the water supply in the event of an unexpected failure in the form of a leak. Ecoperla Security System works immediately nad mechanically. It doesn’t need electricity, it’s very easy to use. As soon as the Ecoperla Security System detects a water leak it closes its supply to the device.

Systemy Ecoperla
Our brand is the best quality that we want to share with our Clients. Due to this we are looking for the finest Partners. Official distributors of Ecoperla brand can be reputed shops offering exclusive water filtration systems, processing orders instantly, characterized by high customer service culture and suitable business profile. Do You need more details? Contact us.
We offer cooperation on the best terms. We can give you: a competitive offer that will attract many customers, business support at every stage, training to distribute Ecoperla devices, high quality products, marketing support, secure delivery of equipment. Want to learn more? Contact us. We stay at your disposal.
All companies that decide to work with us, we provide the necessary marketing materials and permanent access to product information. In addition, we provide ongoing contact and quick answers to questions about Ecoperla brand, products, service and distribution.
All water softeners, multifunctional stations and Tower series are sent via safe parcel. Our systems are sent on pallets. This solution guaranties the safety during the transport and minimizes any possibilities of mechanical damages. Due to this idea even a big filtration system can be ordered via the Internet.
All Ecoperla systems including Ecoperla Perfect System, Ecoperla Smart System and Ecoperla Security System have been designed by the experts of Ecoperla brand. Many years of experience in the field of water filtration has helped us to discover the best parameters for the finest work of our systems that fit our clients’ needs. Information about the used systems can be found ion catalogue pages.
Ecoperla products are distributed all over Poland. You can order them via selected Partners of Ecoperla brand. We cooperate only with a bunch of well-selected distributors. There is a possibility to place an order for only the product, or the product with installation.
Ecoperla allows you to choose your maintenance. There is a possibility to install the systems yourself, or to contact Ecoperla and benefit form our service offer. The cost of installation is calculated individually based on the distance from the service center and the cost of materials. The convenient assembly date is determined by the agreement of both parties.
Ecoperla prodcuts are dedicated especially to all households. Both to apartments and houses. In Ecoperla Tower series there are also water filtration systems that will be useful in some industrial branches.
All Ecoperla products have certificates that vouch for the finest quality of materials they were produced of. The filtration of water through them is thus safe and the filtered water itself – healthy. Without any concerns Ecoperla products can be used for drinking water.
In the interest of our Clients we provide several opportunities to contact Ecoperla consultants. You can contact us by phone, email, or by using the special form on the “Contact” page. We also encourage you to visit our headquarters directly.
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