Do you want to focus on an ecological lifestyle and are looking for solutions that will help you change your habits to a more environmentally friendly way? Are you wondering how to properly hydrate your body during the day but you have no idea how to do that without buying plastic bottles? Here is the answer to your needs!
The Ecoperla Ecobott bottle is a way to take care of yourself and the environment. With this gadget you can always have your favorite drink with you – at work, school, training or trip. Take care of proper hydration in harmony with nature! The bottle was made of sugar cane. It is handy, BPA free and fully recyclable.
Replacing plastic bottles is now very important. We are all looking for alternatives that would help reduce the amount of waste going into the environment. The Ecoperla Ecobott bottle can be one of the solutions. This product is made in accordance with the best ecological practices. The bottle is made of fully natural and biodegradable materials. Sugar cane is used for its production. IT has all safety approvals when in contact with food. You can take the bottle with you anywhere, filling it with tap water or filtered water. It is handy and easily fits in a backpack or bag.
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  • Free of BPA and other toxic materials
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials
  • Comfortable to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to keep clean
  • It does not affect the taste and smell of the drink
  • Biodegradable
  • 100% recyclable
  • Has a negative carbon footprint
  • The optimal capacity of 500 ml

The Ecoperla Ecobott bottle is intended for filtered or tap water and other cold drinks. Storing carbonated drinks is not recommended. Increased pressure may cause the bottle bottom to deform or cause damage and leaks.

The Ecoperla Ecobott is a really unique bottle. You can take it wherever you go along. It is made in the Netherlands from polyethylene made of sugar cane. It is still an innovative solution but more and more often presented as the successor to plastic packaging produced with the use of crude oil. Sugar cane is a fully renewable raw material.

The production of sugar cane bottles leaves a much smaller environmental footprint and the carbon footprint is negative. All thanks to the fact that sugar cane in the growth phase itself absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The production of 1 kilogram of Ecoperla Ecobott bottles reduces CO2 emissions by up to 5 kg compared to the production of single-use plastic bottles. Sugar cane material is environmentally friendly and healthy, biodegradable and fully recoverable using commonly available methods.

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coperla Ecobott is the perfect gadget for people of all ages. It was created for treated or raw tap water, for your favorite cold drink. It could be taken with you anywhere – to work, school, training, trip or shopping. You can take care of proper hydration of the body and quench your thirst practically whenever you need it. You do not have to buy new plastic bottles that leave a considerable water and carbon footprint, decompose over the years, and cost a lot.

This unusual bottle is very handy, it fits well in your hand, it doesn’t slip. The small mouthpiece provides complete convenience of drinking water, smoothie and other drinks. Ecoperla Ecobott has been constructed so that pouring and cleaning the interior are as easy as possible. The bottle can be unfolded and all parts can be thoroughly washed. It is suitable for a dishwasher, which is a great convenience for everyday use. Handle the portable bottle and attach it with a carabiner to a backpack or bag. Ecoperla Ecobott bottles can also be used as a shaker due to the sealing range.