Would you like to use soft water at home? Do you want the boiler and recently installed plumbing to remain in perfect condition? You know that a water softener will be the perfect solution, but you are looking for a fully modern and convenient product that can be controlled via WiFi?


Ecoperla Slimline compact water softeners with a built-in WiFi module will be the perfect choice. These devices are thought out in every respect. They will meet expectations in terms of durability, efficiency, economic operation and solutions increasing the comfort of use.


Ecoperla Slimline is a series of compact water softeners, which consists of three models: with 14, 17 and 24 liters of monospheric ion exchange resin. Currently it is one of the most modern water softeners, equipped with a WiFi module and a dedicated application. The devices are created in cooperation with the global giant Pentair. These are water softeners with many thoughtful solutions, such as: audible salt level alarm, dry brine tank system, proportional brining.

Ecoperla Slimline od przodu
ecoperla perfect system
  • The control valve is manufactured by Pentair ( each piece is thoroughly checked and tested)
  • Monosphere filter bed – the best on the market ion exchange resin for softening water
  • Built-in WiFi module with a dedicated mobile application in Polish
  • Overflow, float and electrovalve protects the system against failures and water leakage
  • The system of dry brine tank prevents the formation of salt bridges
  • The salt alarm informs the user about the necessity of adding salt to the tank
  • It uses Ecoperla Perfect System

Ecoperla Perfect System is designed due to long-standing experience of water filtration experts. The appliance of the system results in Ecoperla Slimline CS to be extremely economical in operation. Moreover the user gets water of the best parameters and the system itself is protected against failures.


The Ecoperla Slimline series are water softeners with WiFi. An extremely modern solution that allows remote control, even during the holidays. The device connects to a dedicated application where you can check, among others: the last regeneration, water consumption in the selected period. It is possible to set the holiday mode and receive reminders about the need to add salt.

Ecoperla Slimline water softeners are distinguished by their compact size and solutions increasing the comfort of use. The housing is equipped with a hinged control panel. The display has a backlight function and the menu is available in Polish. Programming, integration with the ConnectMySoftener application, as well as operation are very easy and undemanding.

The reservoir for regeneration salt is placed in front of the water softener. A cover leads to it, which can be easily removed.

The set with the Ecoperla Slimline water softener includes all the necessary installation accessories, including the drainage hose to the sewage system.

Budowa Ecoperla Slimline
Eksploatacjia Ecoperla Slimline

Ecoperla Slimline CS is one of the most economical water softeners available on the market. The softener costumes small amounts of salt for the regeneration process. What affects it?

  • Application of Ecoperla Perfect System
  • Application of countercurrent flow – it is a more effective method of regeneration. The brine solution during regeneration is fed from the less exploited to the more depleted layers
  • Deletion of the cycle in the regeneration process – manufacturers have decided to omit the backwash cycle. Numerous studies have shown that it is not necessary for proper regeneration
  • Adjusting the bottle size to a resin volume provides the greater flow and less frequent regeneration
  • Proportional siphoning – the system supplies only as much of brine as is needed for the complete regeneration, if the ion exchange capacity between the regenerations has not been exhausted

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