You have a central water treatment plant or you use tap water but you are  not satisfied with the water quality. You do not want to buy bottled water and at the same time would like to improve the taste, smell and color of the one that flows from the tap. You want the filter not to take up much space.
The Ecoperla Profine POU 2 two-stage kitchen filter will be a perfect solution in the case of well-purified tap water with a low degree of hardness or an ideal complement to the central water treatment plant! It is a two-stage device that combines the advantages of active carbon and an ultrafiltration membrane.
Ecoperla Profine POU 2 is a two-stage kitchen filter designed to be installed under the sink. This model is especially recommended for supplementing the treatment with a central water treatment plant or for polishing the quality of water with low pollution and low hardness. The product is really easy to install, as is its servicing. The set includes an elegant faucet that will fit into the decor of any kitchen. Ecoperla Profine POU 2 is a combination of adsorption and thorough water purification on active carbon with an ultrafiltration membrane. Thanks to this, it is possible to improve the taste, smell and color of the water. The filter cartridges themselves are characterized by high efficiency, because they are able to treat up to 10000 liters of water.
ecoperla profine pou 2 front view
ecoperla certificate
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple and quick replacement of cartridges
  • Economical operation
  • Ecological kitchen filter
  • No recoil to drains
  • Leaves minerals in the water
  • Elegant faucet included
  • It takes up little space
Frame – the structure of the Ecoperla Profine POU 2 kitchen filter is based on a durable frame made of durable plastic. Its structure facilitates installation and subsequent replacement of filter inserts. Filter inserts – Ecoperla Profine POU 2 has two filter inserts with a large surface. They are easy to replace and very efficient. With their help, you can filter up to 10000 liters of water, which is a value up to 5 times higher compared to many cartridges of this type available on the market. Faucet – the set with the Ecoperla Profine POU 2 filter includes an elegant spout. It is very easy to use, and the modern and universal design makes it fit into any kitchen arrangement. No tank – Ecoperla Profine POU 2 is a simple, two-stage filter that does not include a water storage tank. As a result, it takes up really little space in the kitchen cupboard and is suitable for installation in small spaces. The water is purified on a regular basis.
ecoperla profine pou 2 structure
ecoperla profine pou 2 components
Ecoperla Profine POU 2 will help to polish the quality of water. It is the perfect complement to a central water treatment plant, such as a water softener. Thanks to the use of this small device, drinking water will be tasty, safe, neutral in color and smell.
  1. Carbon cartridge – inside the cartridge there is an active carbon block with the addition of silver ions with antibacterial properties. Thanks to it, the water is cleaned of fine mechanical particles, chlorine and its derivatives are adsorbed, as well as a number of other substances that deteriorate the organoleptic qualities of water. The accuracy of filtration is 0.5 microns.
  2. Ultrafiltration membrane cartridge – the second stage is an ultrafiltration membrane. Particles down to 0.1 microns are removed from the water, i.e. all kinds of suspensions, colloids, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, cysts, etc. Naturally occurring minerals remain in the water.

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