Water has inadequate taste, smell or color. Its physical properties are incompatible with current standards, hence the water is unsuitable for use. Standard water filtration carbon cartridge might not be sufficient solution.


Ecoperla Carbontower carbon water purifier is a perfect alternative to standard carbon cartridges. It has large filter surface for optimal time of water contact with the filter bed.


Ecoperla Carbotower is carbon water purifier available in three sizes with the best available on the market activated carbon. Excellent for residential use where the main water intake is a water supply or a well. Ecoperla Carbotower is distinguished by high efficiency and long life of the bed. Activated carbon which is a filter bed does not require frequent regeneration. For that reason it has been decided to use manual control valve. The user can themselves chose time and frequency of regeneration.

series of ecoperla carbotower


  • Removes chlorine and its derivatives 100% 100%
  • Removes heavy metals 100% 100%
  • Reduces the amount of organic compounds 100% 100%
  • Improves taste, smell and water color 100% 100%


  • Produced form durable and solid materials
  • Operating costs of carbon water purifier are very low
  • Manual control valve is simple in operating
  • Efficient filter bed has long life span
  • Activated carbon made of coconut shells
  • It does not require frequent cartridge change or frequent regeneration
  • Easy filter bed cleaning by turning the manual control valve
  • Reverse flow regeneration only with water


Ecoperla Carbotower is equipped in manual valve controlling the flow. This allows you to specify the frequency of bed rinsing. The more that the required regeneration depends on the amount of pollutants in water.

Manual control valve is a perfect solution for boiler rooms and basements (where the water purifier is located) where the temperature is lower than 2°C. Low temperature does not have any bad influence on the mechanical parts in the control valve.

The lack of automation positively influence the total cost of the system. Due to this fact Ecoperla Carbotower can compete in price with pipe water filters which require regular cartridge change.

Universal fittings and description of work modes on the top part of the control valve make the process of installation and operating much easier.

ecoperla carbotower control valve
ecoperla carbotower resin


The filter bed used in ecoperla Carbotower is the best quality branded activated carbon from the nut shells. Coconut carbon s the most absorbent and most efficient carbon bed.

Properly large filtration surface ensures long water contact with the bed. The process improves the physical properties of water. It favorably influences its taste, aroma and color.

Ecoperla Carbotower is available in 3 variations:

  • Size S – 30 liters of resin
  • Size M – 40 liters of resin
  • Size L – 60 liters of resin

Opisane warianty charakteryzują się także różną wydajnością oraz wymiarami. Dobór produktu uzależniony jest od ilości zanieczyszczeń oraz pożądanej wydajności.


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System’s description in a nutshell in other words everything that You need to know before purchasing the water purifier Ecoperla Carbotower.

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User’s manual for water purifier Ecoperla Carbotower including all the information about the installation.