Stains on the taps or difficult to be removed deposit in the kettle are some of the most visible results of having hard water. The problem is bothersome and widespread all over Poland to a various degree. How to fight hard water?


Even very hard water won’t be a problem for compact softener Ecoperla Toro.It is possible due to the best accessible on water filtration market resin by Lewitat company and implementation of Ecoperla Perfect System.


The compact water softener was designed and manufactured in Europe for softening water in households. its primary distinguishing feature is its modernity and functionality Ecoperla Toro is not only unique design, but also the optimum performance in filtration at low exploitation cost.

ecoperla toro
ecoperla perfect system


  • Valve designed especially for this shell
  • Upflow regeneration
  • Economizes the use of salt with each regeneration
  • Has elbow and float protection
  • Uses professional Ecoperla Perfect System

Ecoperla Perfect System is a combination of appropriately selected control valve settings and the use of countercurrent flow. It enables the user to economize the costs of exploitation and ensures optimum operation of the device. Due to those settings the user gets the water of optimal properties, yet the adjustment does not interfere in the proper functioning of the device. Moreover the settings are adapted to prolong the durability of the filter bed.


Water softener Ecoperla Toro stands out from the competition with its aesthetic modern aerodynamic shell made of solid plastic.

The shape and size of the softener are undoubtably its advantages. It will easily fit even small and cramped rooms.

The control panel is located on the softener’s top cover. The display has a backlight function due to which programming and reading information will be possible even in the dark places.

The brine tank has been designed in the front of the softener. The hole for adding salt to the tank is big enough for the user not to have any problems. Brine tank’s cover has been installed on hinges. It is a functional and convenient solution that does not require the user to remove and replace the cover each time while refiling the salt.

ecoperla toro structure
ecoperla toro installation


Water softener Ecoperla Toro consists of two separate parts fixed together in one cabinet. It was decided to separate brine and from the resin bottle. It was done to prevent any chemical reactions between the brine and and epoxy bottle, but mainly to make the installation for individual clients easier.

It is enough to connect the resin bottle to hydraulic system and then add the brine tank.

The installation process is easier with the Polish manual that step after step explains how to install the water softener.


Product presentation

Device’s description in a nutshell. Everything You would like to know before purchasing Ecoperla Toro softener.

Catalogue page

Practical information and technical data about compact water softener Ecoperla Toro.

User’s manual

The softener’s manual containing most important information about the installation.