Szukasz ekologicznego rozwiązania, które zastąpi plastikowe butelki jednorazowe? Poszukujesz butelki wielokrotnego użytku, która doskonale utrzyma ciepło kawy i herbaty bądź zatrzyma chłód ulubionego orzeźwiającego napoju?  Zależy Ci, aby butelka była bezpieczna, wykonana z trwałych materiałów, wolna od szkodliwego BPA?


Would you like to drink hot coffee or tea on a chilly winter evening? Or maybe perfectly chilled water with mint and lemon on a hot day? With the Ecoperla Runbott thermal bottle, your drink will stay fresh, taste, aroma and at the right temperature for a long time! It’s an eco and completely safe way to keep your favorite drink always with you!



Ecoperla Runbott is a great gadget that will appeal to people who love traveling, camping, hiking, biking. This thermo bottle is perfect to take with you to work, school or shopping. Thanks to its structure, it is able to maintain the right temperature of hot and cold beverages for a very long time. In addition, it is safe for health, it remains neutral for the transferred drink! We can easily keep it clean! Staying hydrated every day can be elegant and easier than you might think!

Ecoperla Runbott thermal bottle
Ecoperla Runbott thermal bottle advantages
  • Perfectly maintains the temperature of the drink
  • It is light and does not take up much space
  • Easy to keep clean – dishwasher safe
  • The innovative design allows you to maintain the temperature better than in average thermal mugs and thermos flasks
  • Large capacity – up to 600 ml
  • BPA free
  • Keeps the drink fresh
  • It does not change the taste or smell of the drink
  • Very tight

The Ecoperla Runbott thermal bottle is intended for storing both cold and hot beverages. It is a perfect complement to a home kitchen filter. It allows you to transfer purified water or any drink prepared on its basis. It is a product marked with Think Green with Ecoperla, which supports environmental protection and helps to reduce waste production.



Ecoperla Runbott is not an ordinary thermo mug or thermos! It is a product that is difficult to find on the market. A thermal bottle with a ceramic coating and vacuum insulation allows you to keep the temperature of the drink much longer. It is up to 7 hours for hot drinks and 24 for cold drinks! In addition, the ceramic coating allows the drink to retain its full flavor and aroma. This product is 100% free from harmful BPA!

The outer layer is made of high-quality stainless steel, approved for contact with food. It is solidly constructed, resistant to scratches and impacts. The non-slip bottom of the bottle provides greater comfort of use. The flexible handle and lightness of Ecoperla Runbott make carrying fully comfortable. The finish in the form of a solid seal ensures safety during transport – there is no chance for the drink to spill out. The advantage is that it is easy to keep clean – the Ecoperla Runbott thermal bottle is dishwasher safe.

Ecoperla Runbott thermal bottle structure
Ecoperla Runbott thermal bottle application

Ecoperla Runbott is a thermal bottle intended for anyone who would like to replace plastic, disposable packaging with more ecological solutions. It will meet the expectations of everyone who wants to have their favorite hot or cold drink always with them and enjoy its taste at any time. Elegant design and the use of high-class materials make it suitable for practically everyone, at any age!

Ecoperla Runbott is perfect for traveling. This bottle can be easily taken for mountain climbing, bike rides, as well as a business trip or a meeting with friends outdoors. Drinking from it is very convenient, it will not take up much space by itself. You will be surprised how perfectly the temperature of the drink with which Ecoperla Runbott was filled was maintained.

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