Do you need a really modern way to treat water in the kitchen? Do you want to enjoy the highest quality water available immediately in a convenient way? Are you looking for an ecological solution that would help your family completely give up buying plastic bottles? Do you want a constant source of tasty water? This may be your ideal!


Ecoperla Revo reverse osmosis is a real revolution! It takes up little space and the water is thoroughly cleaned in three stages. It is an intelligent source of delicious water at the highest level. The designer faucet informs about the water quality and consumption of the cartridges. The system is very quiet and easy to use.



Ecoperla Revo is the perfect kitchen filter for a modern home. It will appeal not only to fans of technological innovations. This reverse osmosis system impresses at first glance. It has solutions that ensure comfortable, simple and satisfying operation. The set also includes a designer faucet with a display that informs about the condition of the filter cartridges and the need to replace them. The quality of the water supplied to the user and the operation of the device are also constantly monitored. Ecoperla Revo is ecological, economical and stylish – revolutionary!

Ecoperla Revo reverse osmosis
Ecoperla certificate
  • Extremely elegant, modern design
  • High-quality osmotic membrane
  • The filter works direct-flow
  • No external water storage tank
  • 1.6 liter flow per minute
  • Long life of the membrane and cartridges
  • Smart faucet with display
  • Water quality and cartridge consumption control
  • Perfect security systems

Ecoperla Revo has a built-in microprocessor that controls the operation of the entire system and periodically rinses the filters (when there is no water flow for more than 24 hours). The work of reverse osmosis is supported by a water leak detector.



Ecoperla Revo has very narrow, small housing. It is made of elegant and durable material. The kitchen filter takes up very little space. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

The filter cartridges have been equipped with built-in gaskets. This extends the life of the system. The exchange cartridges is simple – all you have to do is turn it. The cartridges are characterized by a long service life.

Ecoperla Revo is equipped with a special faucet. It displays information on the quality of the water consumed and the consumption of cartridges. The built-in TDS sensor that checks the water quality is a real innovation. This makes it easy to judge how much time is left until the cartridges are replaced.

The front panel has three touch buttons on it. Each refers to one of the stages of filtration and includes when to replace a given component. An additional source of information on this subject is an audible signal. The front LED on the housing controls the quality of the outlet water and informs about potential errors that may have occurred while checking the electronics by the system.

Ecoperla Revo reverse osmosis structure
Ecoperla Revo reverse osmosis components


Inside Ecoperla Revo there are two filter cartridges and an osmotic membrane. All water is purified direct-flow. It means that there is no water storage tank. Raw water is treated in the following steps:

  • Pre-filter – a combination of mechanical filtration with the action of activated carbon. The accuracy of this cartridge is 5 microns
  • Osmotic membrane – a permanent component with a capacity of 600 GPD
  • Final filter – activated carbon filtration

A very important issue that should be emphasized is discharge to the sewage system. In the case of this reverse osmosis, it is very low, especially compared to traditional devices. The fast flow is also noteworthy. Approximately 1.6 liters of clean water can be withdrawn per minute.



Product presentation

Description of the system in a nutshell. Everything that you would like to know before the purchase of Ecoperla Revo reverse osmosis.

Data sheet

Practical information and technical data about Ecoperla Revo reverse osmosis.

User's manual

User manual for Ecoperla Revo reverse osmosis contains the most important data about the system installation.